Being Simplistic While Designing

February 14, 2011 0 Comments General by Ahsen Admin

One of the major problems we always encounter while surfing is how a website can be so much complex. Even though being complicated might show a website looks like it has something very interesting or it has a lot of things user want to read or etc, but in reality this complexity makes users unpleasant because they most likely spend more time to find what they are looking for and this is not the case todays users want to see.

I don't need to give examples because you can see the big companies and how simple they design their websites these days. Like Google, new Yahoo interface and so on. They are becoming more simple to be viewed. This should have been the case a long before as well. Having high speed internet doesn't mean the website should be bulky on home page. The important factor is human and help them find they are looking for.

Web Design Service Page Updated

February 10, 2011 0 Comments General by Ahsen Admin

We've just updated Web Design service page. You can now learn more about our web-design services and packages. We offer complete design with front-end and back-end features and also custom-based CMS (Content Management System), with this system, adding/editing/deleting some parts of the website or text or products is becoming really easier and convenient. We combine simplicity, contemporary designs with advanced web-site functionalities.

Internet Explorer and A Web Developer

February 09, 2011 0 Comments General by Ahsen Admin

Honestly, I used to used IE a lot back then. I think, to me, IE was the best browser and other browser should have followed it. Well, I was very young then because now I think everyone should follow Google Chrome steps. Of course Mozilla has done a lot for the new era of the web and browsers but it is lack of speed and bulky environment made me leave away Firefox and chose Chrome. It is fast, reliable and great for web developers like me. Especially its js engine is really great especially in this era, Js libraries and animations are taking over Flash kingdom.

Being Open to New Technologies

February 08, 2011 0 Comments General by Ahsen Admin

I think for the new programmers and grad people, it is hard to change the technologies such as operating system, programming languages an so on after a matter of time. I was such a guy before. I've developed for around 6 years with C#, mostly Microsoft technologies. I admit I love those people's products but what's important is now how many days are passing while developing the application. You can use the best programming languages, best frameworks and so on but your customers won't understand how expert you are. Your expertise is only whether you can finish the project by the deadline and how many errors they will encounter while using the software.

I used to choose hard ways to learn other ways but now I am choosing the best and easiest yet proven technologies to complete my projects. Because there are people who are spending time for you for free and they produce very fine software solutions. You can either modify their existing source codes or create a project from scratch. For me? First one is the best solution most time. It depends on the current situation as well tho.

What we offer?

February 08, 2011 0 Comments General by Ahsen Admin

You need a rich internet application for high user amounts? You need user-friendly fine looking web user interface? You need animated content with flash and without flash? You need search engine optimized website at its every bit? You need... If you are answering these question "Yes" then you are the right place at right time.