KayaTax: Number One in Google results - SEO

January 04, 2012 0 Comments General by Ahsen Admin

Before talking about how we moved them to first results in Google. Let us give a little info about Kaya Tax and Bookkeeping Services Inc.:

Kaya Tax & Bookkeeping Services, Inc is a Tax, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Payroll and Small Business Consulting Company. Please review our website and contact us for a professional review of your business. Our experienced team will solve any of your tax, bookkeeping and business management issues. We provide quick and proactive solutions.

After we completed their website, their another important appeal from us was to move their website to top. Our SEO team worked 100% compliant with Google and finally we succeed to move their website to the top results. How? With strong attention to the details, organizing the keywords and our secret formula of course.

When searching "tax and bookkeping irvine" and irvine is where they are located,

this is the results that appears :

Even though the website is coming at 4th position and the name comes at first location. And of course the website is going up day by day.

They are happy with the results, we are happy as we once again guaranteed their satisfaction.

It is now your time to go up there. Contact us right now to get a quick quote.