Case Study: Pacifica Institute Utah

February 24, 2011 0 Comments General by Ahsen Admin

Pacifica Institute Utah is interfaith and multi-culture support foundation with the mission to improve relationship and dialog between different cultures and religions. They are non-profit organization and one of the mile stone of the todays society.

They asked us to create a website consists of three main focus: sincere, authentic and formal. They look little bit opposite to one another but we promised everything in Ahsen Design is possible and we came up with this solution. On home page, people are running into a simple and navigational interface. There are news, quick view of what is popular in the foundation and the main purpose of the foundation and of course events. Since events are really important we put the event on the home page as well. So home page consists of what's important and brief information about the organization.

We selected formal yet sincere colors for background and menu and other sections. Color is important when you attract people and present them some thing look-able.

And we know a lot of websites are using long url names like "www.domainname./profile/edit?trk=hb_tab_pro_top.." but we created search engine optimized, easy-to-remember url addresses like "". In our designs, nothing are complicated and unnecessary. We paid strong attention to each and every detail of the website to bring something good.

Thanks Pacifica Institute of Utah for choosing Ahsen Design.