What's RDE Technology Ahsen Design has?

February 23, 2011 0 Comments General by Ahsen Admin

Some of our customers are asking the meaning behind RDE technology and we are glad to hear this question all the time since it is a chance to talk about it. Today we decided to put a blog post which describes in and out of this tech.

RDE stands for Rapid Development Environment. This is a environment we created in our studios. This tech brings and combines several techniques and methods to develop web application quickly and effectively as much as possible. Since communications between design and development teams is really important, this technology leads us to bring better projects to the ground with minimum time ranges and maximum flexibility.

We are working with a huge variety of server technologies, programming technologies and client-side browser technologies. RDE helps us handle all of these in a efficient way. I think it is what we are brighter and better amongst other web design companies and studios.

RDE also keeps us freshed and refreshed all the time. RDE includes another motto called "DRY" meaning "Don't Repeat Yourself" and "KIS" meaning "Keep It Simple". One of the main problems in programming and development world is to repeat yourself. It takes more time and money away but we know our customers want to start their business immediately and we value this willing. This means our customer will love RDE as much as we do.

We may be really good at what we are doing but we don't use technical terms to show off we know a lot instead, we are using the same language with our customer to help them know what they are paying for. We help them know each and every detail we are doing for them and RDE helps us in this case as well. Because when our customers know what we are doing, they know exactly what they want.

RDE helps us in many more situations but I think this is pretty enough explanation to give basic idea about what RDE is.

We develop web for future. Join us and see what we can do for you.