Being Simplistic While Designing

February 14, 2011 0 Comments General by Ahsen Admin

One of the major problems we always encounter while surfing is how a website can be so much complex. Even though being complicated might show a website looks like it has something very interesting or it has a lot of things user want to read or etc, but in reality this complexity makes users unpleasant because they most likely spend more time to find what they are looking for and this is not the case todays users want to see.

I don't need to give examples because you can see the big companies and how simple they design their websites these days. Like Google, new Yahoo interface and so on. They are becoming more simple to be viewed. This should have been the case a long before as well. Having high speed internet doesn't mean the website should be bulky on home page. The important factor is human and help them find they are looking for.

But I enjoy when I see really great and simple designs out there. People realized this problem and developers are now going this way. Home pages now have more interesting things and they try to give what is really needed.

Even though, simple designs are not only matter in web design but also in every place of our lives. I am also a programmer and I believe I know how much important simplicity is.

I will leave you with the definition of simplicity:

- ease: freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort;
Simplicity is a more qualitative word connected to simple. It is a property, condition, or quality which things can be judged to have. It usually relates to             the burden which a thing puts on someone trying to explain or understand it

"Think big but keep it simple."