Internet Explorer and A Web Developer

February 09, 2011 0 Comments General by Ahsen Admin

Honestly, I used to used IE a lot back then. I think, to me, IE was the best browser and other browser should have followed it. Well, I was very young then because now I think everyone should follow Google Chrome steps. Of course Mozilla has done a lot for the new era of the web and browsers but it is lack of speed and bulky environment made me leave away Firefox and chose Chrome. It is fast, reliable and great for web developers like me. Especially its js engine is really great especially in this era, Js libraries and animations are taking over Flash kingdom.

Lets back to subject, IE. I don't know understand why a company like Microsoft (actually I am a C# and Asp.NET developer) cannot create such a browser which leads others. It used to take over the browser market when Netscape was struggling around but now it is being taken over. When  js script and css are working fine on the Chrome and Firefox, it sucks on IE and I cannot tell people not to use IE because they are customers and it would be weird but what's weird here is IE itself and my only hope is now IE 9. I think even Microsoft people realized this issue and they are working hard to bring IE 9 which follows the standards better.

What's next? Browser market is a rivalry market where developers might lead. The developers are leading this market since what they say to customers is important at this point and they are the people who develop application :)

Anyways, I don't like to spend much time on a subject like this but I'd like to say my thoughts loudly, maybe some one can hear and respond my call up like others.

One day, I believe they are all gonna follow the standards and CSS3 and HTML5 will be main subject we are walking around.