Being Open to New Technologies

February 08, 2011 0 Comments General by Ahsen Admin

I think for the new programmers and grad people, it is hard to change the technologies such as operating system, programming languages an so on after a matter of time. I was such a guy before. I've developed for around 6 years with C#, mostly Microsoft technologies. I admit I love those people's products but what's important is now how many days are passing while developing the application. You can use the best programming languages, best frameworks and so on but your customers won't understand how expert you are. Your expertise is only whether you can finish the project by the deadline and how many errors they will encounter while using the software.

I used to choose hard ways to learn other ways but now I am choosing the best and easiest yet proven technologies to complete my projects. Because there are people who are spending time for you for free and they produce very fine software solutions. You can either modify their existing source codes or create a project from scratch. For me? First one is the best solution most time. It depends on the current situation as well tho.

There are ready-to-use CMS tools out there like Joomla!, Drupal, Composite C1 and so on. Don't be afraid to take an action to learn new languages if you are not expert on the programming languages those CMSs are written with. You can always learn new things and it will make you happy and satisfied.

Today, information without business value is almost nothing amongst people. Business owners always try to add business value to the projects they support or create. You can create really great awesome sofware in the backend but without front end and interesting stuff, you probably won't get a penny and support and it will frustrate you which is obvious actually.

You need to read the market. What is more being consumed and What is needed now? It is important to see the missing parts of the market and ponder on how to fill these missing parts. There are a lot of examples out there. Even twitter is so popular. Check how much things you can do with twitter? You can only post quick updates and they are even limited to 160 chars. But people love it, why? Because it was a missing part and they filled that part. People didn't want to write huge blog posts all the time instead they wanted to share what currently they were doing and now they are posting it.

Ideas are out there? Go find it.